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A biodegradable and ecological tab!

On average, every person produces around 37kg of plastic waste a year. Let that melt in your mouth. Soon there will be more plastic trash in the oceans than fish swimming. Reefs die and animals are threatened with extinction. So if we all don't start looking for plastic alternatives, we will have to live with the consequences. These thoughts have led to creating an alternative to all the cleaning agents. Our biodegradable and ecological tabs will sweeten your cleaning days even more. You take a tab, let it dissolve in your bottle filled with lukewarm water and you can start cleaning what it takes! The floor cleaner will wipe away even the most stubborn stains, as if they had never been there. The floor gets a nice shine and leaves behind a pleasant freshness. Thanks to its quick-dry effect, the floor cleaner is ideal for sensitive surfaces such as parquet, wooden floors and marble. Anywhere the use of water in excessive doses should be avoided. Our miracle product is suitable for all types of flooring, with the exception of unsealed wooden floors. Ready steady…. oh already clean! #thegreencleaningmaschine;)

- Biodegradable

- FSC seal

- No animal testing

- Water-soluble product

- Enormous plastic reduction

- 100% herbal ingredients

- Contains: 14 g (with packaging + 8g)

- 3 tabs per pack

- Results in approx. 2-3 cleaning agents (2-3 bottles)

- PH-level neutral

- Leave no harmful residues (no effect on animals)

- “Quick Dry” effect - Removes all stubborn dirt residues

- Suitable for all types of flooring (exception: unsealed wooden floors) - Made in Germany