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Foam party for the hair, at home and on the go!

For this we use a plant-based surfactant made from coconut, which is much milder, less harmful, environmentally and skin-friendly than the widely used chemical SLS. Foam party? Of course, please! In addition, there are high-quality vegetable and essential oils. Huh? Shampoo as a powder?

I agree! This is not to be confused with dry shampoo. Our powder shampoo works like a conventional shampoo and is used for wet hair washing. Use as powder (without preparation): Rub a pinch of the shampoo powder between your hands so that there are no more crumbs and then massage it, as usual, onto your wet hair and scalp until everything foams well. Then rinse your hair well. Use as liquid shampoo (with preparation): stir the contents of the bag vigorously in 150ml boiled water with a whisk until everything has dissolved. Let it cool for 10 minutes, then pour it straight into a soap dispenser or old shampoo bottle. Let it steep overnight so that it becomes nice and creamy.

- Fragrance note: oat milk lemon

- Hair type: Recommended for all hair types

- 100% plastic-free: less waste, kraft paper bag 

- 100% Cruelty-Free: Vegan and not tested on animals

- 100% free of: silicones, parabens, microplastics and palm oil

- Contains: 50g (makes 200ml shampoo)

- Storage: Please keep the shampoo powder in a dark and dry place. When mixed, the liquid shampoo can be kept for four weeks.

- Ingredients: washing active substance from coconut fat, corn starch, shea butter, essential lemon oil, oat oil, citric acid, essential rosemary oil, sodium salt, potassium salt

- For each order, 1kg of plastic waste from coastal regions is collected

- Made in Germany