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Please take a look at our plastic-free organic peeling!

The mineral-rich body peeling with Himalayan salt effectively removes dead skin cells. The precious active ingredients of Argan and Rose promote beauty and well-being. The skin is detoxified, smoothed and supplied with nutrients, giving it a fresh, radiant appearance. It removes dead skin cells, promotes blood circulation and cleanses the pores. The skin's repair program is activated and new cells are produced. Another zero-waste thing about it: With our refill packs you save up to a year of packaging material and thus prevent unnecessary waste. The refill bags are compostable and the glass packaging can be filled again and again. Yeahiiii – your skin is soooo smooth and soft! - Natural - Organic certified

- Vegan

- Contains: 250g

- Sufficient for approx. 40 applications

- Plastic-free packaging made of glass

- Refill bag compostable

- Labels made from innovative stone paper, therefore cellulose-free

- Free of surfactants, palm oil, microplastics, parabens, paraffin, silicone, gluten, preservatives and chemical fragrances