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Imagine that your favourite toy will be made of renewable ressources.

Welcome to the Damn Plastic Family - our first ecofriendly children`s toys! Rediscover the pleasure of the simplicity of a timeless game! These are the first marbles in the world entirely made of BIOplastic. If you forget them into the environment, you don't have to worry - they are 100% biodegradable and do not release microplastics that are so harmful to our animal friends. 5 colors, 5 cute marbles to mix as you like for a funny game for everybody. Use your imagination to create exciting tracks, choose the marble that best represents you and start the most eco-friendly race on the planet!

- 5 marbles

- Product dimension: 4,8cm Durchmesser

- Product weight: 130gr

- Available colours: mixed coclours

- Free from any toxic substances

- Biodegradable

- Environmentally friendly materials

- 100% safe for our children

- Made in Italy