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Please take a look at our plastic-free organic face mask!

This rich face mask with valuable algae extract and healing earth ensures youthful, clean and soft skin. Spirulina and Laminaria are rich in trace elements. Proteins, vitamins and minerals fight the first signs of aging. Ideal for mature skin with wrinkles and poor circulation. It also has a deep cleansing effect on oily, large-pored and oily skin. Another zero-waste thing about it: With our refill packs you save up to a year of packaging material and thus prevent unnecessary waste. The refill bags are compostable and the glass packaging can be filled again and again. Yeahiiii - with this face mask, your skin looks much younger! #foreveryoung

- Natural

- Organic certified

- Vegan

- Contains: 250g or 100g

- Sufficient for approx. 40 applications

- Plastic-free packaging made of glass

- Refill bag compostable

- Labels made from innovative stone paper, therefore cellulose-free

- Free of surfactants, palm oil, microplastics, parabens, paraffin, silicone, gluten, preservatives and chemical fragrances