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Reusable baking pans for the sweet ones of you! Get rid of all the single use baking pans and take the natural silicone baking utensils.

Healthier baking with a fun factor: thanks to the non-stick surface, remove everything without leaving any residue and do without any grease. Whether in everyday life, at a party, at Easter, Halloween or Christmas.

With these reusable biscuit cutters, you will create the most unusual motifs for every occasion this year. #bakersgonnabake

- Cookie cutter, 25 pieces of different motives

- Child-safe cutters: with especially protective silicone coating

- Reusable

- Food-safe

- BPA free

- Acid, dishwasher and microwave safe

- Durable and high quality

- -45 °C to 230 °C