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With this innovative uncoated paper, environmentally harmful baking papers and cling film are history! It consists exclusively of certified, unbleached cellulose, water and sugar and is therefore free of chemical additives, lacquers and artificial coatings. During the mechanical manufacturing process, the paper is pressed by hot steel rollers. This gives it its silky-matt gloss, as well as its natural grease density and heat resistance. Although the pores are reduced in this process, they remain open, which also makes the paper breathable. Best of all, it can be composted in the same way as lettuce and therefore does not pollute the environment at all! The natural wax paper is perfect for protecting fatty and moist food from drying out.

- Perfect to protect fatty and moist food

- Food safe

- High purity and unbleached

- Made from pure cellulose, water and sugar

- Without chemical additives

- Compostable

- Grease tight

- Odourless and tasteless

- Breathable and aroma-proof

- Fresh wood from responsibly managed forests

- Certified pulp

- Awarded the Federal Ecodesign Prize 2018 in the product category '

- Attention: Natural waxed paper is not suitable as baking paper due to the wax

- Made in Germany