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I should chew on that? Yes you should!

For centuries, these miswak wood root pieces have been used as dental hygiene in Afghan cultural circles. As you chew on this piece, the wood gives off its aromatic juice. The juice has an astringent and antibacterial effect on the oral mucosa and a mineralizing effect on the tooth enamel. Miswak wood naturally contains: fluoride - enamel hardening, silicate - gentle cleaning particles, vitamin C - preservative, tannins - astringent, saponins - dirt-dissolving, flavonoids - antibacterial, potassium and calcium - remineralizing. A German dentist dealt with the use of miswak wood intensively and developed out of it toothbrushes, other dental care products and a miswak stick for chewing. You can basically chew on it at any time and take care of your teeth at the same time! Such an old practice that has proven itself successfully until today.

- Super fresh and vacuum packed

- From the root of the “toothbrush tree” salvadora persica,

- Country of origin: Pakistan

- Length: approx. 15 cm

- Ø between 0.8 cm - 1.6 cm

- Processed in Germany