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Before you continue wondering what that should be ...

These tablets ensure that strong and healthy teeth and your gum are supported optimally. With many certain vitamins and minerals, they support the natural remineralization process in our body and the maintenance of healthy tissue. Your teeth get everything they need to be strong and remineralized from the inside. Thus, the health of your mouth is promoted in the long term. You also prevent deficiencies that are nutritionally caused, such as tooth decay, inflammation of the dental mucosa and tooth enamel hypoplasia. We have to take care of our biters as well as of this planet. #plasticfreeworld

- Plastic free

- Vegan

- Vitamin K2 & D3 improve calcium absorption (goes to teeth and bones)

-  Vitamins E, C and A promote the formation of tissue and maintain healthy gum

- Rich in minerals to support the remineralization of natural teeth

-  Contains: 30 tablets

- Can be used for approx. 1 month (1x / day)

- Made in Great Britain