SOAP - COCONUT - Damn Plastic
SOAP - COCONUT - Damn Plastic
SOAP - COCONUT - Damn Plastic
SOAP - COCONUT - Damn Plastic


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It smells like warm summer nights, relaxation and cocktails.

Our coconut soap is the perfect shower gel to bring the most beautiful summer moments back to your mind for a few seconds. It smells so unbelievably pleasant after coconut, you can not imagine. Because it contains only natural ingredients and no artificial oils, you can shower and soap yourself without thinking about producing trash. Your body and the environment will appreciate it. And don't forget to take your soap bag and soap box with you. You'll love the soaps even more. The soap bag will turn your soap into a foam explosion as well as a peeling for your body. And to prevent the soap from getting damaged and left in the corner of the shower, it is also worth using the tin soap box for storage. Try it out and convince yourself! Get those summer vibes in you bath and escape for a moment from your everyday life!

- Plasticfree

- 100% natural and nourishing ingredients

- Substantial reduction of plastic bottles

- Economical (155gr/5,5oz bar = aprox. 4 bottles of liquid shampoo)

- Free from harmful chemicals (sulphates, parabens, perfumes)

- Non liquid, ideal for traveling

- Zero-waste

- Made in Spain