PADS - REUSABLE 100% COTTON - Damn Plastic


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Imagine ... cotton pads that never run out again.

You will have our make-up removal pads for a lifetime. They are washable and clean your face perfectly. No matter what skin type you are, the pads are suitable for every type. Simply wet your pad, put it on your eyes for two seconds and then gently wipe your entire face. If you wear waterproof make-up, just use our plasticfree facial cleanser. This is a real upgrade to the conventional cotton pads. Just give it a try ... #smallsustainablechoices

- Color? SURPRISE ;)

- Sustainable

- Reusable

- Plastic free

- Vegan

- Made in Salzburg/Austria

- Suitable for all skin types (especially ideal for sensitive skin)

- Environmentally friendly

- Zero waste

- Upper side 100% cotton, underside polyester viscose

- 5pcs. in one bundle