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You need something to make your keychain more appealing.

Then our key rings would fit perfectly. Not only are they available in different super cute shapes, they are also very special because they are made out of old fish food bags and cement bags. These bags are fished out of the sea and then turned into backpacks, bags and also your keyring. This way we reduce the plastic content in the sea. The fact that each bag looks different makes each item very special and unique. Due to the robust material, these Statement pieces can stand a lot and have a long life time as well. Get your hottie...because after all, it is as unique as you are! So, and once again you have made a small sustainable choice, which will have a big impact on the future!

- Unique

- Handmade

- Fair produced

- Made out of old cement bags and fish food bags

- SIZE: approx. 5 x 5 cm

- Water repellent

- Each product is fished elsewhere (see label)

- The products are made where they are fished to support the people there