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Snack healthy and sustainable! Yes, you heard that right - with these organic cocoa CB dates, your next snacking experience will be a unique pleasure!

But these are not ordinary dates, because this unique staple belongs to the Sukkari date tribe. With their honey-like, mildly sweet, caramel-like taste and their soft consistency they will conquer your heart and your senses within seconds. The ingenious combination of nutrients and fiber boosts the energy balance and all metabolic processes and thus forms the most valuable basis of a sustainable lifestyle.

A full body WOW effect! The organic hemp extract is obtained using the most gentle extraction methods that are not intoxicating. And of course they are also packaged in sustainable packaging!

- 120g organic cocoa CB dates

- Soft, firm, crisp

- Mildly sweet, caramel-like, mildly bitter, bitter

- C.B.D. content per beaker: 150mg C.B.D.

- Vegan - No added sugar

- Fresh Sukkari dates

- 100% natural palm fruits

- Class 1 soft in dark organic cocoa mass

- Weight: 0.012 kg