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Recyclable camping at festivals - here comes the incredibly cool and sustainable tent made of cardboard.

You know that, after a wild festival lasting several days, the people are all run down, still half drunk and just want to go home. Many simply leave their tents on the festival area. Just like all the other remaining plastic trash, the tents are also left behind. Therefore, we have the perfect and sustainable solution here. And after the festival, the tents are upcycled and used as for example trash-bins or palletboxes at the next festivals again. Both from the organizer's point of view but also for private ones. This cardboard tent is super stable and of course also waterproof. Thanks to the resilient cardboard, which can withstand several wet days without any problems, you can sleep comfortably and dry in it even on a rainy weekend. And on the backside there is also a small flap for ventilation. For all long late risers out there: it is also completely light-tight and completely dark at early sunrise.

- Space for 2 people

- Sleeping area: 1.60mx 2.40m

- Additionally enough space for bags

- Weight: 11.6kg

- Waterproof

- Light-tight

- Ventilation at the backside