BAG - RATTAN BLACK - Damn Plastic
BAG - RATTAN BLACK - Damn Plastic


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Handmade with attention to detail.

This time with an Austrian EDELWEISS #getsometradition

There is more to these bags than you might think at first. Brief history of the bags. If a woman in Bali (by the way, the bags are handmade here by women) is abandoned or get divorced, society will no longer accept her. No job, no money. As so, an Austrian woman intervened and built a home for these women where they can live, eat and also are able to work. You support these women with a bag that you may soon be holding in your hands. And not only that, you also have a sugar-sweet bag that you can combine with all your outfits (especially suitable for a dirndl). -


- Plastic free

- Support for women in Bali

- Made in Bali

- 18cm diamiter