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 Damn Plastic, that's us. Young, bold and convinced of a concept that has never been done before. By unconsciously teaching people to make small sustainable choices, the dream of a plastic-free world becomes more and more reality. Through our broad positioning, we create a comprehensive offer. Therefore, the individual human being is not forced to change. He subconsciously goes along with the change.

Oh, wow you are still a bit skeptical... then read on!

Damn Plastic stands on three pillars.

First, Damn Plastic stores, which provide access to the masses. This is how every individual starts to deal with the small sustainable choices. How else would they know how to do that? #spreadthemessage

Secondly, a unique franchising concept, which is structured in such a way that you can easily open your own Damn Plastic shop. The whole world should start to make small sustainable relation to us! #spreadingawareness

And thirdly, we make every single event environmentally friendly. It doesn’t matter if very big to very small. From organizing to that comes along. We are a hundred percent in. Damn Plastic won’t change the way of partying but we will change the way of consuming undegradable waste. #partyasusua

We opend the first Damn Plastic Store at the End of November in 2019. It is located in the heart of Salzburg. However, Salzburg will no longer stand alone, four more shops are scheduled to open in the course of the year.

Like I said - Damn Plastic - that's us. The craziness and individuality that defines us runs through our designs and our entire concept. Especially our online store as well as our social media channels...this is going to be your new entertainment program, for sure ;) #welovetoentertainyou

DAMN PLASTIC is more than just the display for products. We put our heart and soul into getting people to think about their behavior. Every single head on this fucked up planet should know what is actually possible and what impact your product can have!

Together we can bring this planet back on the balanced track. Are you in?

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We have been working on a unique franchising concept, which allows young people like you and me to simply dash off and dive into entrepreneurship. What we are noticing today is that a new lifestyle is emerging, which we cover completely. Damn Plastic stands for this lifestyle. Young, fresh, crazy and yet consciously making small sustainable choices. Because that's how we roll… roll towards a successful plastic-free future!

pretty badass, right? So maybe you just drop us a line on: Then we can correspond more personally ;) 

But seriously. It is and remains a serious issue and it is important that people do not just look over their shoulder. Mankind must actively take the steps in the sustainable direction. But what we are asking ourselves is, why can't we have more fun just because we have changed the navigation route? We go this way and we are sure that it will not be an easy one but damn exciting and incredibly pulsating.

Now back to business!


1: Be part of the hottest Damn Plastic Franchising Store Concept

2: Fucking amazing Plastic-Free Events (We will certainly include your products in our event concept)

3: The freaking Damn Plastic Online Store (Dropshipping Basis and/or via Store QR Code ordering)

Well, you've literally got caught up by the interest. So, get up your ass, cause we are looking forward hearing from YOU!



Plasticfree XOXOs!

Your, Damn Plastic Girls

Victoria & Stephanie