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Is it the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing - because you can only do little? 

We are two Austrian girls, Victoria & Stephanie – both 30, that started the "Damn Plastic Movement" in 2019. 

Why? Well, we can't go out pretty often due to our work and projects. So IF we go out, we are always the last that leave the clubs or festival areas. The trash mass that (by the way is NOT recycled) stays after having fun is just simply not ok… 

Does it really have to be like that? We don't think so.

We can have fun and dance till the sun comes up without harming the environment. In fact, Victoria was getting so obsessed with the entire trash topic that she pushed both of us to found Damn Plastic…

…and here we go: 

We started to organise PLASTIC-FREE-EVENTS. Removing plastic cups, cutlery, straws, plates and other typical items like wristbands, rain-coats etc. on festivals, weddings, birthday parties, and so on… is one part of our concept. We simply don't want to give people the possibility to use single-use items during partying – so we replace them with reusable (recycled) and eatable products. As so, our goal is to diminish - or actually - not produce any plastic trash at all during the events.

And all this without affecting the "party-effect" - as people don't have to change their ways of having fun by using our products. The planning also includes the furniture (for example of the VIP areas), and the fashion itself (of the personnel or athletes at the sports events). Our catering partners (responsible for sustainable catering), DREIKANT (responsible for the furnishing), and STROODLES (accountable for the coolest noodle straws) make this happen. 

Single-use plastic is poison for our environment and the ecological future. We want to change peoples' habits towards both, a plastic-free living and partying by strengthening the awareness of a sustainable living. It's horrible how the convenience fact changed us. How we handle products that, in the end, harm our health, and kill life daily. 

And so we not only created a unique event concept and online store … but also opened a PHYSICAL STORE in the heart of SALZBURG (Münzgasse 2), where start-ups have the chance to show their products and ecological lifestyle in a top location. The products presented are either made of trash, upcycled, or completely recycled (+ support cleaning our landfills and oceans) or replace a specific item that we would typically use with one that helps us to reduce our trash production (i.e., products with no packaging like shampoo bars). We believe that the hardest thing for people is to give up the lifestyle they had till now. However, by using our products, they don't really have to. They just simply need to replace their usually bought items …

If you want to join our journey, follow us on SOCIAL MEDIA, read our BLOG, and stay tuned for our next steps that will follow. 

Besides, WE DONATE 1% of our turnover to start-ups that come up with new sustainable products that help us to get rid of the damn plastic!

So – it is now our choice to make "Small Sustainable Choices" to reduce the pollution and the invisible enemy – the microplastics - that is everywhere. 

And think about this: plastic is not the enemy – BUT – our mindset is! 

Stop using DAMN PLASTIC!

XoXo plastic free-kisses

Your Damnplastic Girls: Victoria & Stephanie