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For all beer lovers and beer drinkers! Here you are in the right place.

Only the finest, natural and seasonal raw materials are used as the basis for the Woif beer. With the sort “Weana Bazi” we want to revive the old Austrian beer style of the 19th century. You should definitely try this malt-stressed beer with good drinkability. The reddish-copper beer based on the Viennese malt complements your beer evening wonderfully. In addition, other raw materials from areas of the former Habsburg monarchy were added (Bohemian malt and hops from the Styrian / Slovenian growing areas). Hmmm what an overwhelming pleasure. Cheers!

- Malt: barley (Wiener, CaraBohemian, Pilsner, red)

- Hops: Styrian Golding (Celeia)

- Original wort: 12.4 ° Plato

- Alcohol: 5.0% vol.

- Bitter: 18 IBU

- Color: 18 EBC

- Characteristics: Rich malt aroma with a balanced bitterness in the finish. The copper color is impressively clear

- Best drinking temperature: 6°C

- Made in Austria