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Sweating is healthy, plastic not - that's why we have our plastic-free Deodorant Stick "Only Five" for you.

This consists of only 5 ingredients and is packaged in a grass paper tube, making it completely zero-waste. It delights with a fine scent of coconut without the addition of essential oils, colors and preservatives. It offers the perfect care for sensitive and fine armpit skin - especially after shaving. The pure nature helps against unpleasant smells. But now to the 5 ingredients: Natron creates an alkaline environment in which bacteria can only reproduce poorly. Coconut oil containing the lauric acid, works anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and is the fragrant component in our deodorant stick. Shea butter nourishes the armpit skin and makes it soft and smooth. The moringa seed oil has an odor-neutralizing and antibacterial effect. And last but not least, the sunflower wax keeps the deodorant stick dimension-ally stable even in summer temperatures. Jupiduuu what a great, sustainable deodorant stick!

- 100% unrefined, vegan and cruelty free

- Handmade and hand packed

- No aluminum salts

- No alcohol

- Only 5 ingredients: baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter, moringa seed oil & sunflower wax

- Unisex