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Ohh yes - only the best shea nuts for you! Our shea butter is a 100% natural care product based on the Ugandan Nilotica flavour.

The cream is unrefined, cold pressed, organic and vegan. Due to its naturalness, it is particularly suitable for sensitive and stressed skin. It is made from the fruits of the Ugandan Nilotica karité tree in a resource-saving manner and consists of purely natural materials. Our shea butter has an anti-inflammatory, cell-regenerating and nourishing effect. In the cold winter days, it offers optimal care and gives you a naturally tender skin feeling. Immediately after contact with the skin, it melts a little and is therefore very pleasant to apply. Your Nilotica shea butter is quickly absorbed and has a distinctive, natural scent of nuts and a hint of chocolate. So protect your skin and your planet! And for all DIY enthusiasts: Be creative and use your empty shea butter jar again. For example for storing soaps or for delicious homemade spreads. Let your creativity flow.

- 100% vegan

- Cold pressed, unrefined and organic

- Ecological & sustainable packaging

- Particularly suitable for dry, tired and / or sensitive skin

- Packaging made from recycled glass and quickly renewable bamboo wood