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Had enough water today? With this bottle, you'll never forget it again. Its cute designs like dots or leaf fibres make it a pure eye-catcher. It is big enough to provide you with enough water and small enough to fit in your pocket. In addition, it is also super environmentally friendly. Because glass is recyclable, hygienic and does not damage your health. The taste of your drink, whether still or sparkling, remains unadulterated and the opening is big enough to throw all your favourite fruits in. So you can enjoy your water stylishly and of course environmentally friendly!

- 700 ml (26 x 7.3 cm)

- Free from BPA, heavy metals and plasticizers

- Screw cap made of wood fibres and recyclable, pollutant-free polypropylene

- Printing from UV inks

- Seal made of silicone

- Heat resistant up to 70°C

- Dishwasher safe

- Leakproof

- Flavourless

- 100% recyclable

- Made in Germany