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For all beer lovers and beer drinkers! Here you are in the right place.

Only the finest, natural and seasonal raw materials are used as the basis for the Woif beer. The “Stiawoscha” has its origin in the beer region of Salzburg, which is an organic flagship region. This type is the first beer made from 100% organic raw materials (organic aroma hops) and is a noble bitter version of the beer. Hmmm what an overwhelming pleasure. Cheers!

- Malt: Barley (Pilsner)

- Hops: Pearl, Spalter Select, Cascade

- Original wort: 11 ° Plato

- Alcohol: 4.9% vol.

- Bitter: 25 IBU

- Color: 4EBC

- Characteristic: full-bodied, light, tart, golden yellow cellar beer

- Best drinking temperature: 6-9°C

- Made in Austria